Periarthritis and the Wonders of Nitric Oxide!

Periarthritis is a condition in which inflammation of tissues, tendons and ligaments located around the joint results in pain, limited movements.
Periarthritis and the Wonders of Nitric Oxide!

With growing technical advances and modifications in the lifestyle, we all are inclined towards a sedentary lifestyle, especially a work environment where we all spend a lot of time toiling in front of those machines, which makes us lazy bees and end up in triggering muscle related issues. Orthopedics and therapists point out that many neglect these conditions by brushing it away as normal pain only to realize later that they are landed up with severe pain and unable to move even an inch.

Periarthritis is a condition in which inflammation of tissues, tendons and ligaments located around the joint results in pain and limited movements. Consider a condition which leads to pain and stiffness in and around the shoulder joint wherein the covering of the joint becomes thick, tight, and difficult to move.

Also known as Adhesive Capsulitis, where the capsule thickens over the shoulder resulting in adhesions, tightness in the capsule along with inflammation.

Who are highly susceptible?

Frozen shoulder is common among the population of ages 40 to 65. Diabetic patients are more prone towards it with a higher risk.

How PEMF can create Miracles in the Journey?

PEMF has wide range of usage and is effective in treating cases of PA ( Frozen Shoulder). PEMF signals on intracellular Ca2+ specially increasing its binding to calmodulin (CaM) which are involved in tissue repair. So here the Calcium binded Calmodulin concentrates upon the Ca/CaM dependent nitric oxide cascades which is the growth factor involved in tissue healing resulting in Nitric Oxide release. 

What is Nitric Oxide? How is it beneficial to my cells/muscles?

 Nitric Oxide is a free radical and is produced by cells in human body. Nitric Oxide is involved in many cell processes, including widening of blood vessels which thereby help increase delivery of nutrients and oxygen to working muscles thereby enhancing the muscle performance.

The Endothelium (inner lining) of blood vessels uses nitric oxide to signal the surrounding smooth muscles to relax resulting in vasodilation, increasing blood flow, help improve oxygenation, decrease muscle soreness and boost exercise performance.

In contrast, the endothelial and neuronal (NOS) produce Nitric oxide in short bursts which help relax blood and lymph vessels.

The Wonders are many if noted. In the next Blog we will throw light on the Magneto Mechanical Oscillator and its marvelous effects on human body. So stay in touch!

Dr Mandar Dharmadhikari
Dr Mandar Dharmadhikari

Dr Mandar is the founder of ARPIT Rehab Centre and director of Quantesla Medical Technologies, Pune.He has successfully treated more than 40,000 patients over 20 years. Dr. Mandar enjoys treating a diverse clientele using a balanced approach of Celtron, Exercise, Manual therapy and Counselling, specific to the needs of each patient.
He regularly conducts seminars and workshops of Quantum Resonance Therapy for Physiotherapists, students and doctors.

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