Patented Physiotherapy Device Made-In-India

Patented Physiotherapy Device Made-In-India

India is the 2nd most populated country in the world. Considering its population size the demand for medical services is also high. There is growth in chronic degenerative ,neurological, orthopaedic and cardiovascular conditions along with a rise in geriatric population. This continuously increases the demand for medical and physiotherapy devices which can be used for diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of various medical conditions.

We import 80% of medical devices from countries like Japan, USA, UK, Germany and Korea. We use major foreign technologies and innovations. This makes us more dependent on the other countries for imparting quality medical care and services. Even though we have good potential still we are lacking behind in the research, development and production of medical and physiotherapy equipments.

Now to upgrade the field, the current government has started initiatives like STARTUP-INDIA, MAKE-IN-INDIA and ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT. The objective of this movement is to facilitate the development of technology, in-house production, and make India self reliant. There are various startups and companies which are getting benefited with these campaigns.



MAKE-IN-INDIA campaign was launched by our respected Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014. It is a part of national building initiatives. The plan is to transform India into a global manufacturing hub. This movement is designed to facilitate investment, enhance skill development, foster innovation and best manufacturing infrastructure in India. The objective is to attract investment from across the globe and enhance India’s manufacturing sector. It includes various schemes for every small to large industry in India. These schemes are available for:

  • Electronic device manufacturing
  • Medical device manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Micro food processing industry

MAKE-IN-INDIA and medical devices :

The size of the Medical device industry in India is 4th in Asia and among 30 in the world. This is a high capital intensive industry. It gives tremendous opportunities to the skilled manpower and research & development. ATMANIRBHAR BHARAT and MAKE- IN-INDIA movement is providing the necessary financial and infrastructural support.

The schemes under this campaign are:

1) Production Linked Incentive (PLI) scheme for promoting domestic manufacturing of medical and physiotherapy devices: This boost the domestic manufacturing of the devices and attract large investments. The scheme has a total outlay of INR 3420 Crores.

2) Promotion of medical device park: This will reduce the manufacturing cost of devices produced in India. The total outlay in INR 400 Crores. This helps to develop infrastructure facilities.

Patenting of a medical device by Indian Government :

Patenting of a medical device by Indian Government

Medical device is an instrument, appliance or software used alone or in combination as guided by the manufacturer for ailments of human beings. It is typically used for diagnosis, investigation and treatment purposes in various medical conditions. In India, Central Drugs Standard Control Organization (CDSCO), an agency of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare is responsible for regulation of medical devices. Manufacturers of medical device must apply good manufacturing practices and perform suitable tests to prove the product quality. These devices need approval as per Medical Device Rules 2017 (MDR).

A patent serves as a monopoly right for an inventor. This gives exclusivity for the product in the market. In India patent protection is limited to 20years. The Indian patent act 1970, has exclusion criteria from patentability which are very strict. The Indian patent act 1970 and patent rule 2003 monitors the protection of patents in India. To protect the invention it is important to protect the device by patenting it. If the product is novel, non-obvious and capable of industrial application then it is eligible for patentability. A patenting helps the company to generate remuneration from its product and can be an asset which can be licensed or sold for an agreed sum.

Celtron: A patented physiotherapy treatment device :

Celtron is an advanced device in the field of Physiotherapy. This device is synchronised with IOT (Internet-of Things) modules. It is a part of electrotherapy which plays a major role in the treatment of Physiotherapy. Celtron is a breakthrough device that helps in various orthopaedic, neurological and other physiotherapy indications. The device is completely designed, developed in-house and manufactured in India. This device creates a great step towards MAKE-IN-INDIA campaign.

This device is patented by the government of India under the title SYSTEM AND METHOD FOR PAIN REMEDY AND REHABILITATION. This device has become exclusive in the physiotherapy and rehabilitation domain . It is a novel and patented device that shows significant effects for early relief and rehabilitation.

All about Celtron :

Celtron is the brainchild of Quantesla. It is a very useful device for Physiotherapists to treat patients with advanced technology. It is the first Physiotherapy device made in India with innovative and patented technology. Celtron is based on Quantum Resonance Therapy (QRT). It is a portable, convenient and easy to use device. Another advantage of the device is easy data synchronization with the IOT module. This device gives faster recovery, early healing and faster rate of rehabilitation. By this device early recovery to the activity is possible. It is a combination of Pulsed-Electromagnetic-Field (PEMF) and Magneto-Mechanical Oscillator (MMO). It is a smart device that synchronises data with IOT modules. It facilitates users for easy generation of reports and analytics.

This device works on cellular level to reduce inflammation, reduce pain, increase blood supply, increase energy storage, enhance cellular activity, increase lymphatic flow, reduce swelling, increase collagen production and increase muscle strength and flexibility.

Thus this totally in house built innovative device synchronised with IOT modules is a complete boon for Physiotherapy field and Rehabilitation. This device is showing wonderful and satisfactory results with the patients.

Now it’s time to change the perspective towards physiotherapy treatment and help patients for early recovery with advanced technology.



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