Frequency Healing-2: Gaining an insight about Alpha Frequencies

Frequency Healing-2 : Gaining an insight about Alpha Frequencies

A human brain is like a spider web, where the neurons are entangled by the numerous electrical circuits to pass information through electrical signalling.

Are you able to be calm and composed despite having this complicated circuit in your brain? If yes, you need to be grateful to Alpha Waves!


Well, let us see how alpha waves work…….

Alpha waves are extremely low frequency electromagnetic waves that have a frequency of 8 Hz to 12 Hz. They are synchronous and phasic oscillations in the brain.

Since they were first discovered by a German neurologist Hans Berger they are also called as Berger Waves. They were recorded by electroencephalography (EEG) or magnetoencephalography (MEG), following which these tools are now used in diagnosis of different disorders based on electrical activities of these brain waves.

Are alpha waves really important?

These waves are recorded optimally when the person closes his eyes and tries to relax when awake. Hence, they are responsible for information processing. They have two roles (inhibition and timing) that are closely linked to two fundamental functions of attention (suppression and selection), which enable controlled knowledge access and semantic orientation (the ability to be consciously oriented in time, space, and context) thus enhancing academic learning, cognitive performance, motor skills learning and sensory integration. 

What if they are interrupted or not produced at all?

It never happens that a specific type of wave is not produced at all. Emission of waves from all circuits keep happening (It is a spider web, remember?). However, the release of alpha waves may reduce or other types of waves can over discharge making the person unable to relax. This can lead to psychological conditions like Anxiety and Depression.

In extreme conditions, there is an “absent alpha rhythm” which can cause seizure disorders. 

How to improve health with alpha waves?

Regular meditation and relaxation exercises do allow substantial amount of alpha wave production.

PEMF Therapy is an advancing treatment approach in Physiotherapy. It is based on principles of electro-magnetic induction as proposed by Michael Faraday. It utilizes the alpha waves frequency range that enhances relaxation in brain, muscles and tissues. The results are outstanding and the entrainment produced by PEMF has a lasting effect on neurons.

To know more about other brain waves and how they have impacts on your daily activities, catch up with my next blog !


“Let us live in the present.. Let us activate our Alpha waves“



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