Steering Through Life: Girish’s Journey of Recovery from Rheumatoid Arthritis

Battling Rheumatoid Arthritis, a man finds hope and healing with innovative therapy, reclaiming the joy of independence.

Ever since I was a kid, I remember my mom struggling with Rheumatoid Arthritis. It was tough watching her deal with the pain and how it eventually took away her ability to move freely. I never thought I’d go through the same thing. But life had other plans, and in my late fifties, my joints started swelling, and I got diagnosed with the same condition. Unlike my mom, it wasn’t too bad at the start, but soon my shoulder started to stiffen up, and I knew I had to do something about it.

I was on medication that helped with the swelling, but my big worry was about moving my shoulder again. I had read up a lot about arthritis and was ready to try new things to get better.

I couldn’t even do simple stuff like driving without difficulty; my shoulder just wouldn’t budge. It made me feel trapped, unable to do the day-to-day tasks most people take for granted.

That’s when a friend of mine pointed me towards Dr. Anjali Saraf at ARPIT Advanced Rehab Center in Pune. Dr. Anjali wasn’t just any physiotherapist; she was someone who stayed on the cutting edge, familiar with all the latest treatments. She introduced me to something called Celtron. She told me it worked by using pulsed electromagnetic waves and magneto-mechanical oscillations to balance the sympathetic nervous system, boost blood flow, flushing out all the bad stuff from my joints and easing the pain and swelling.

Honestly, I was skeptical at first. How could something like that help me move my shoulder again? But Dr. Anjali explained how improved circulation could reduce swelling and muscle relaxation could lead to better mobility. So, with nothing to lose, I decided to trust her and give it a shot.

After six sessions, I could hardly believe the difference. The stiffness, swelling, and redness had started to disappear. I could lift my arm a little higher each time. The picture on the left shows me when I started – my arm barely lifted, my heart heavy with worry. The picture on the right shows the improvement after treatment – my arm raised, a smile of hope on my face.

RA-Shoulder pre and post treatment photos

Dr. Anjali didn’t just rely on the machine, though. She had me working with a dowel, a resistance band, and she mobilized my shoulder frequently. It wasn’t easy, but nothing worth doing ever is. Gradually, my shoulder began to loosen up. Driving became less of a battle and more of a pleasure again. Simple joys like reaching up to a shelf or getting dressed in the morning no longer seemed like mountains to climb.

I’ve decided to stick with this therapy to improve even further. And once I’m fully there, I plan to continue with maintenance therapy. I want to keep the freedom I’ve fought back for – the freedom that my mother unfortunately lost. With Dr. Anjali’s help, I’ve changed the story that seemed written for me, and every time I turn the steering wheel smoothly on the road, I’m reminded of how far I’ve come.

Dr Anjali Saraf
Dr Anjali Saraf
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